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Nouvelle promotion "Le Clos de la Fontaine"

Le projet Le Clos de la Fontaine consiste en la réalisation de 18 appartements contemporains de 3 pièces à 5 pièces bénéficiant du label « THPE ». Il est est situé à l’ouest de la commune, sur le plateau de Pinchat. La situation géographique du projet offre aux appartements une qualité de vie supérieure et un calme absolu. Il s’agit ainsi d’une belle opportunité de devenir propriétaire d’un appartement neuf.


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A.-E Schmid Finest

The real estate agency AE Schmid SA is pleased to inform you that it is developing its activity by creating a high-end department dedicated exclusively to the sale, rental and research of exceptional properties.

AE Schmid Finest will meet the demands of a demanding national and international clientele. Mastering the most technical aspects of real estate, including tax and legal, and speaking no less than six languages ​​within the team, ranging from French to Mandarin, brokers can guide and advise in the best conditions buyers and sellers. Offering a personalized service and preaching discretion, it is with your eyes closed that you can entrust your property or your most specific research.